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Классификация промышленных отходов

В настоящее время отсутствует всесторонняя классификация промышленных отходов, что обусловлено их различным химическим составом, свойствами, технологическими особенностями получения и условиями образования. Все отходы промышленности и городского хозяйства можно разделить на две группы: минеральные (неорганические) и органические. Наибольшее значение для производства строительных материалов имеют минеральные продукты, которые составляют большую часть всех отходов, производимых добывающими и перерабатывающими

Planning a Concrete Countertop &#9658

■ The basic supplies needed to build your countertop form and cast the countertop include: (A) welded wire mesh for reinforcement; (B) black or colored silicone caulk; (C) grinding and polishing pads; (D) melamine-coated particleboard for constructing the form; (E) concrete sealer; (F) coloring agent (liquid or powder); (G) bagged concrete countertop mix or high/early

| Kitchen Countertop

C Ast concrete countertops have many unique characteristics. They are durable, heat resistant, and relatively inexpensive (if you make them yourself). But most of all, they are highly attractive and a great fit in contemporary kitchens or bathrooms. A concrete countertop may be cast in place or formed offsite and installed like a natural stone

How to Cast a Round Tabletop

Cut a piece of ZA" melamine (or just about any other sheet stock) to 30 x 30" and drive a small nail in the exact center. Tie string to the nail and tie a pencil to the other end, exactly 12" away form the nail. Pull the string tight and use this "compass" to draw

How to Cast a Garden Column

  Choose a column form insert (optional) and slide it into the column form as a liner so the edges meet neatly. Tape the column together at the seam. Coat the insides of all form parts with a very light mist of nonstick cooking spray as a release agent. Choose a sturdy, level work surface.

  | Garden Column

Prefabricated concrete casting forms give you the ability to make objects for your yard and garden that rival the best (and very expensive) artwork pieces sold at garden centers. Garden benches and birdbaths are among the most popular, but you can locate an array of forms for just about any objects you can imagine. Because


«Какой толщины Вы делаете стены из самана?» Есть вероятность ответа: «Зависит от ситуации», что на самом деле является хорошим приближением к тому, как всё делается Природой. Тем не менее, существуют некоторые правила. Одно из лучших, тоже из Природы, гласит: «Стройте самые толстые стены там, где нужна наибольшая прочность». С другой стороны, не перестарайтесь там, где

| Sample Casting Projects

  A deck bowl is cast using two nesting mixing bowls. This technique can be used with plastic bowls and buckets and planters of all sizes. Larger containers should be split in half and taped back together so you can extract the cast object more easily. We used sand mix with acrylic fortifier and black

How to Build a Concrete Retaining Wall

  Excavate the construction area well beyond the edges of the planned wall. Reserve some soil for backfilling and transport some to lower areas in your yard that need building- up. For larger walls, you can save a lot of work by renting a small backhoe or other earthmoving equipment or hiring an excavator. If

| Poured Concrete Retaining Wall

P Oured concrete has advantages and disadvantages as a building material for structural garden walls, such as this retaining wall. On the plus side: It can conform to just about any size and shape you desire (within specific structural limitations); depending on your source, concrete can be a relatively inexpensive material; poured concrete is very