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Tip for a Broomed Finish

For a nonslip finish, tool the concrete and then draw a clean stiff-bristle broom across the surface once the concrete is thumbprint hard. Wait until concrete is firm to the touch to achieve a finer texture and a more weather-resistant surface. Make sure all strokes are made in the same direction and avoid overlapping.

Tools & Materials

Masonry hoe Mixed concrete Spade Hammer Concrete vibrator Float Groover Edger Moving concrete from the source to the destination represents much of the work in many concrete pours. Make sure to plan ahead to create access for wheelbarrows or ready-mix trucks, and get all of the help you can round up for the actual pour.

I Using a Power Mixer

Eye protection Particle mask or half-mask respirator       Fill a bucket with % gal. of water for each 80-lb. bag of concrete you will use in the batch for most power mixers, 3 bags is a workable amount. Pour in half the water. Before you start power-mixing, carefully review the operating instructions for

How to Mix Concrete

    Empty premixed concrete bags into a mortar box or wheelbarrow. Form a hollow in the mound of dry mix, and then pour water into the hollow. Start with % of the estimated water amount per 80-lb. bag. Work the material with a hoe, continuing to add water until a pancake batter consistency is


Delivery Charge: $ 100 to $ 150 on average Cost of 1 cubic yard: $90 Total cost: $240 (jjer-yard cost drops off dramatically For larger orders) Notes: •  Operator charges: Concrete supplier may add additional charge for driver time beyond a minimum allowance of free time [5 or 10 minutes per yard is typical) • 

I How Much Does Concrete Cost?

The actual costs of buying bagged concrete or having concrete mixed and delivered to your site can be hard to predict. Like gasoline or plywood, concrete is a commodity and is subject to fairly wild price fluctuations as market conditions change. The costs also vary quite a bit regionally and seasonally. But for the sake

Are You Ready for Delivery?

1.  Are all concrete forms built and staked? 2.  Has reinforcement (rebar or remesh) been placed inside the forms as required? 3.  Has clean fill been placed in form as required (mostly used with steps)? 4.   Have forms been treated with a release agent? 5.   Have any required permits to block the sidewalk or street

Estimating Concrete for Tube Format

Footing  Number  of 60-lb.  bags for  Footing  Number of 80-lb. bags for Depth  each size (diameter of tube)  depth  each size (diameter of tube) 6" 8" 10" 12" 6" 8" 10" 12" 1 ft. 112 2 1 ft. 1112 2  ft. 1  2  3  4  2  ft. 12 2  3 3  ft. 2  3  4 

| Tools Materials

  Layout and measuring tools for preparing jobsites and installing and leveling concrete forms include a tape measure (A), a 4-ft. level (B), and a 2-ft. level (C). Other useful tools include: a carpenter’s square (A), a chalkline (B), a laser level (C), and a combination laser level and stud finder (D). Safety tools and