How to Patch Small Areas

  Remove loose material from the repair area using a wire brush. Use the brush to clean away rust from any exposed metal lath, and then apply a coat of metal primer to the lath. Apply premixed stucco patch compound to the repair area, slightly overfilling the hole using a putty knife or trowel. Smooth […]

Repairing Stucco

A lthough stucco siding is very durable, it can be damaged and over time it can crumble or crack. The directions given below work well for patching small areas less than two square feet. For more extensive damage, the repair is done in layers, as shown on the opposite page. Fill thin cracks in stucco […]

  | Repairing Stonework

D Amage to stonework is typically caused by frost heave, erosion or deterioration of mortar, or by stones that have worked out of place. Diy-stone walls are more susceptible to erosion and popping while mortared walls develop cracks that admit water, which can freeze and cause further damage. Inspect stone structures once a year for […]

I Repairing & Replacing Chimney Caps

CHimney caps undergo stress because the temperatures of the cap and chimney flue fluctuate dramatically. Use fire-rated silicone caulk to patch minor cracks. For more extensive repairs, reapply fresh mortar over the cap, or replace the old cap for a permanent solution. Tools & Materials ► Floating chimney cap (shown cutaway, with form in place […]

| Brick Repairs

T He most common brick wall repair is tuck-pointing, which is the process of replacing failed mortar joints with fresh mortar. Tuck-pointing is a highly useful repair skill for any homeowner to possess. It can be used to repair walls, chimneys, brick veneer, or any other structure where the bricks or blocks are bonded with […]

Miscellaneous Concrete Repairs

T Here are plenty of concrete problems you may encounter around your house that are not specifically addressed in many repair manuals. These miscellaneous repairs include such tasks as patching contoured objects that have been damaged and repairing masonry veneer around the foundation of your house. You can adapt basic techniques to make just about […]

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