| Decorative Concrete Floor

ost people are accustomed to thinking of concrete primarily as a utilitarian substance, but it can also mimic a variety of flooring types and be a colorful and beautiful addition to your basement room. Concrete is a hard and durable building material, but it is also porous—so it is susceptible to staining. Many stains can […]

How to Apply an Acid Stain

Protect all surfaces adjacent to the concrete and any nearby plants with tape and plastic sheeting. Warning ► Always pour acid stain into water; never pour water into acid stain. Clean the entire surface with an approved cleaner and stiff-bristled brush. Mix the stain with water in an all-plastic garden sprayer, as directed. Use an […]

I Acid-stained Concrete Patio

A Cid staining is a permanent color treatment for cured concrete that yields a translucent, attractively mottled finish ideally suited to patios. Unlike paint or pigmented concrete stains, both of which are surface coatings, acid stain is a chemical solution that soaks into the concrete pores and reacts with the minerals to create the desired […]

| Stamped Concrete Finishes

S Tamped finishes can bring interesting texture to ordinary concrete sidewalks, patios, and driveways. Stamping mats are available in a variety of textures and patterns, and they can be rented at most equipment rental centers and concrete supply stores. As you plan your concrete project, also plan the layout of the stamping mats to help […]

Decorative Masonry Finishing

A Dd textural interest to masonry surfaces with stains, stucco, veneer, and other decorative applications that dress up a project. You’ll learn skills for dressing up basic concrete and how to use stone as the icing on your project. The techniques in this chapter can be applied to many of the projects in this book. […]

How to Make a Zen Garden

Lay out the garden location using stakes and string or hoses and then mark the outline directly onto the ground with landscape paint. Excavate the site and install any large specimen stones that require burial more than ‘/2 ft. below grade. Dig a trench around the border for the border stones. Pour a 3" thick […]

| Zen Garden

  W hat’s commonly called a Zen garden in the West is actually a Japanese dry garden, with little historical connection to Zen Buddhism. The form typically consists of sparse, carefully positioned stones in a meticulously raked bed of coarse sand or fine gravel. Japanese dry gardens can be immensely satisfying. Proponents find the uncluttered […]

| Pebbled Stepping Stone Path

1×3 stakes Lumber (1 x 2, 2 x 4) Mason’s string Mallet Hose or rope Landscaping paint Measuring tape Edging Spun-bonded landscape fabric Sod stripper Coarse sand Thick steppers or broad river rocks with one flat face!4 to Vi pond pebbles 2 !/>"-tlia. river rock Wheelbarrow Round-nosed spade Stepping stones blend beautifully into many types […]

I Sandset Flagstone Patio

F Lagstones make a great, long-lasting patio surface with a naturally rough texture and a perfectly imperfect look and finish. Randomly shaped stones are especially suited to patios with curved borders, but they can also be cut to form straight lines. Your patio will appear more at home in your landscape if the flagstones you […]

I Variation: Circular Paver Patio

  Set the first ring of pavers around the center paver. Check their positions carefully, and make sure the spacing lugs are oriented correctly. If the pavers don’t have lugs, gap them according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Note: Do not hammer or tamp the pavers into the sand bed unless the manufacturer directs otherwise. Set […]

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