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I Cross-Section: Cobblestone Patio

Paver edge  Cobbles  Jointing  Sand  Backfill Landscape  Sand 2"  Compactable  gravel Spike  4  to  6"   Lay out the patio outline and set digging depth with grade stakes. Factor a minimum 1" per 8 ft. of drainage slope away from the house if the patio is next to your home. Remove the strings. Excavate the

I Pattern Detail: Cobblestone Patio

90° Basketweave Pattern 6 x 9"

I Cobblestone Paver Patio

N Ot technically natural stone, interlocking stone pavers have advanced by leaps and bounds from the monochromatic, cookie-cutter bricks and slabs associated with first-generation concrete pavers. The latest products feature subtle color blends that lend themselves well to organic, irregular patterns. A tumbling process during manufacturing can further age the pavers so they look more

How to Build a Stone Moon Window

Build a plywood form, following the instructions on page 157. Select stones for the top of the circle with sides that are squared off or slightly tapered. Dry-lay the stones around the outside of the form, spacing the stones with shims that are roughly Vi" thick at their narrow end. Number each stone and a

| Stone Moon Window

Ou can build circular openings into brick or stone walls using a single semicircular wood form. Moon windows can be built to any dimension, although lifting and placing stones is more difficult as the project grows larger, while tapering stones to fit is a greater challenge as the circle gets smaller. To minimize the need

How to Build a Rock Garden

  The best site for a rock garden is sloping or terraced, ideally with southeast exposure. It should be completely free of deep — rooted weeds. If no such space is available, build up a raised bed with southeast exposure. The alpine plants traditionally used in rock gardens require soil with no clay and with

How to Build Flagstone Steps

ock gardens offer a good way to landscape difficult sites. Sloped areas or sites with sandy soil, for instance, are unfavorable for traditional lawns but are ideal for rock gardens. A rock garden is also a good choice if you’re looking for an alternative to traditional ground covers and garden beds. Rock gardens traditionally feature

| Stone Step Variations

  Flagstone steps create a rustic pathway in a natural garden setting. They can be installed using the natural hill slope as a riser. Concrete and natural stone create an elegant and uniform walkway for a gentle slope.

  | Cross Section: Garden Steps

Flagstone treads Return stones Compactable gravel

  | Flagstone Garden Steps

F Lagstone garden steps are an ideal solution for managing low slopes. They consist of broad flagstone treads and blocky ashlar risers, commonly sold as wall stone. The risers are prepared with compactable gravel beds on which the flagstone treads rest. This project features flagstone and wall stone in their originally split state (as opposed