How to Apply an Acid Stain

Protect all surfaces adjacent to the concrete and any nearby plants with tape and plastic sheeting.

Warning ►

Always pour acid stain into water; never pour water into acid stain.

Clean the entire surface with an approved cleaner and stiff-bristled brush. Mix the stain with water in an all-plastic garden sprayer, as directed. Use an approved solvent to remove undesirable markings on the concrete surface (stain won’t hide them). Rinse thoroughly and then let dry.

Spray the stain onto the concrete

Using random circular motions and holding the spray tip about 18" from the surface. Work backward from one side. Maintain pressure on the sprayer so the spray pattern is consistently fine and even. Wet the surface completely, but avoid creating puddles. Allow the first coat of stain to dry completely.


Apply a second coat using the same technique. Darker tones will appear with the second coat; the wetter the surface, the darker the tones will be (but again, avoid puddles of stain). Let the second coat dry completely.

Wash the surface using a recommended cleaner/neutralizer and a medium-bristled scrub brush to remove dried stain residue. Thoroughly rinse according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Test-wipe the surface with a white towel: If the towel shows stain, wash and rinse the surface again.

Apply sealer using a high-quality deck/ patio sprayer (or other recommended applicator). Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations— most sealers require multiple coats. Maintain even pressure on the sprayer for a consistently fine spray. Wet the surface completely with a thin coating, and avoid puddles. Let the sealer dry between coats.

Updated: 20.05.2013 — 09:01

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