How to Finish Stucco


Test the coloring of finish stucco by adding different proportions of colorant and mix. Let the samples dry to see their true finished color. For the application batches, be sure to use the same proportions when mixing each batch.

Mix the finish batch so it contains slightly more water than the scratch and brown coats. The mix should still stay on the mortar hawk without running.


Finish Option: Cover a float with carpet to make an ideal tool for achieving a float-finish texture. Experiment on a small area.

Finish Option: Achieve a wet-dash finish by flinging, or dashing, stucco onto the surface. Let the stucco cure undisturbed.

Finish Option: For a dash-trowel texture, dash the surface with stucco using a whisk broom (left), and then flatten the stucco by troweling over it.

Updated: 21.05.2013 — 10:29
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