How to Patch a Corner


Clean chipped concrete with a wire brush. Brush the patch area with latex bonding agent.

Mix patching compound with latex bonding agent, as directed by the manufacturer. Apply the mixture to the patch area, and then smooth the surfaces and round the edges, as necessary, using a flexible knife or trowel.

Tape scrap lumber pieces around the patch as a form. Coat the insides with vegetable oil or commercial release agent so the patch won’t adhere to the wood. Remove the wood when the patch is firm. Cover with plastic and protect from traffic for at least one week.






Make a cut in the stair tread just outside the damaged area using a circular saw with a masonry-cutting blade. Make the cut so it angles toward the back of the step. Make a horizontal cut on the riser below the damaged area, and then chisel out the area in between the two cuts.

Cut a form board the same height as the step riser. Coat one side of the board with vegetable oil or commercial release agent to prevent it from bonding with the repair, and then press it against the riser of the damaged step. Brace it in position with heavy blocks. Make sure the top of the form is flush with the top of the step tread.


Apply latex bonding agent to the repair area with a clean paintbrush, wait until the bonding agent is tacky (no more than 30 min.), and then press a stiff mixture of quick-setting cement into the damaged area with a trowel.

Smooth the concrete with a float, and let it set for a few

Minutes. Round over the front edge of the nose with an edger. Use a trowel to slice off the sides of the patch, so it is flush with the side of the steps. Cover the repair with plastic and wait a week before allowing traffic on the repaired section.

Updated: 27.05.2013 — 11:19
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