I Acid-stained Concrete Patio


Cid staining is a permanent color treatment for cured concrete that yields a translucent, attractively mottled finish ideally suited to patios. Unlike paint or pigmented concrete stains, both of which are surface coatings, acid stain is a chemical solution that soaks into the concrete pores and reacts with the minerals to create the desired color. The color doesn’t peel or flake off, and it fades very little over many years. Acid stain won’t hide blemishes or discoloration in the original concrete surface, but many consider this an important part of its natural appeal. If your patio or walkway is fully exposed, bear in mind that some colors of acid stain may fade in direct sunlight, so be sure to choose a color guaranteed by the manufacturer not to fade.

You can apply acid stain to new concrete that has cured for at least four to six weeks (check the stain manu­facturer’s requirements for curing times) or old concrete that is free of any previously applied sealants. Test old concrete by spraying the surface with water: If the water beads on the surface instead of soaking in, there’s prob­ably a sealer on «rdiland it must be removed for good results with the stain. Ask the stain manufacturer for recommended concrete sealer remover products to use.

Eye protection NIOSH/MS1 LA — approved respirator Cleaner/neutralizer M edium-bri s tied scrub brush



Acid-staining a patio is a fairly simple procedure that can be done by almost anyone. Be sure the surface is completely cured, clean (use water, not soap), and dry; and be sure to wear the protective gear, as recommended by the manufacturer. A properly maintained acid-stained patio can last forever.

Updated: 20.05.2013 — 00:12
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