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Ot technically natural stone, interlocking stone pavers have advanced by leaps and bounds from the monochromatic, cookie-cutter bricks and slabs associated with first-generation concrete pavers.

The latest products feature subtle color blends that lend themselves well to organic, irregular patterns. A tumbling process during manufacturing can further age the pavers so they look more like natural cobblestones. The technological advances in the casting and finishing processes have become so sophisticated that a well — selected concrete paver patio could look as comfortable in a traditional Tuscan village as in a suburban backyard.

When choosing pavers for a patio, pick a style and blend of shapes and sizes that complement your landscape. Use your house and other stone or masonry in the landscape to inform your decisions on colors and shade. Be aware that some paver styles require set purchase amounts, and it’s not alwavs possible to return partly used pallets.

Here we lay a cobble patio that uses three sizes of stone. These may be purchased by the band (a fraction of a pallet), minimizing leftovers.

Notice that an edge course creates a pleasing border around our patio. Bring a drawing of your patio with exact measurements to your stone yard. Based on your layout pattern, the sales staff will be able to tell you how much of each size stone you’ll need to purchase.

One great advantage to interlocking concrete pavers is that they create a veiy rigid surface with high resistance to movement and sinking, even when set on a gravel base. This makes them suitable for

Water-cooled masonry saw

Plate compactor Gloves, ear protection, and safety glasses Stiff bristle broom 6×6 cobble squares 6×9 cobble rectangles 3×6 cobble

Rectangles for edges Compactable gravel Coarse sand Paver edging and spikes Joint sand

Flathead screwdriver

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Today, the word "cobblestone" more often refers to cast concrete masonry units that mimic the look of natural cobblestones. Although they are tumbled to give them a slightly aged appearance, cast concrete cobbles are more uniform in shape, size, and color. This is an advantage when it comes to installation, but purists might object to the appearance.

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