Miscellaneous Concrete Repairs


Here are plenty of concrete problems you may encounter around your house that are not specifically addressed in many repair manuals. These miscellaneous repairs include such tasks as patching contoured objects that have been damaged and repairing masonry veneer around the foundation of your house. You can adapt basic techniques to make just about any type of concrete repair. Remember to dampen concrete surfaces before patching so that the moisture from concrete and other patching compounds is not absorbed into the existing surface. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions for the repair products you use.

Tools & Materials ►

Sofl-bristle brush Emery paper Wire lath Masonry anchors Concrete acrylic fortifier Sand-mix

Eye protection and work gloves

Concrete slabs that slant toward the house can lead to foundation damage and a wet basement. Even a level slab near the foundation can cause problems. Consider asking a concrete contractor to fix it by mud-jacking, forcing wet concrete underneath the slab to lift the edge near the foundation.

Updated: 27.05.2013 — 14:08
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