I Mortared Brick Patio


Etting brick or concrete pavers into mortar is one of the most beautiful—and permanent—ways to dress up an old concrete slab patio. Mortared pavers arguably offer the most classic, finished appearance for either a backyard patio or a front entry stoop. The paving style used most often for mortared pavers is the standard running-bond pattern, which is also the easiest pattern to install.

Mortared pavers are appropriate for old concrete slabs that are flat, structurally sound, and relatively free of cracks. Minor surface Haws are generally acceptable, since the new mortar bed will compensate for slight imperfections. 1 lowcvcr, existing slabs with significant cracks or any evidence of shifting or other structural problems will most likely pass on those same Haws to the paver finish. For these, a nonmortared application is a safer solution. When in doubt, have your slab assessed by a qualified mason or concrete contractor to learn about your options. New concrete slabs are also suitable for mortared paving, but make sure the concrete has cured completely before applying the paver veneer.

Pavers for mortaring include natural clay brick units in both standard thickness (2Vs inches) and

Stiff brush or broom Circular saw Mason’s 1 rowel Mortar mixing tools 4-ft. level Rubber mallet Mortar bag Jointing tool Pointing 1 rowel Concrete cleaner Pavers Spray bottle

Thinner versions (1’4 inches) and concrete pavers in various shapes and sizes. Any type you choose should be square-edged, to simplify’ the application and finishing of the mortar joints. When shopping for pavers, discuss your project with an expert masonry’ supplier. Areas that experience harsh winters call for the hardiest pavers available, graded SW or SX for severe weal her. Also make sure the mortar you use is compatible with the pavers to minimize the risk of cracking and other problems.

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Nothing dresses up an old concrete patio like brick or concrete pavers set in a bed of mortar. The mortaring process takes more time and effort than many finishing techniques, but the look is timeless and the surface is extremely durable.

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