| Pebbled Stepping Stone Path

1×3 stakes Lumber (1 x 2, 2 x 4) Mason’s string Mallet Hose or rope Landscaping paint Measuring tape Edging Spun-bonded landscape fabric Sod stripper Coarse sand Thick steppers or broad river rocks with one flat face!4 to Vi pond pebbles 2 !/>"-tlia. river rock Wheelbarrow Round-nosed spade

Stepping stones blend beautifully into many types of landscaping, including rock gardens, ponds, flower or vegetable gardens, or manicured grass lawns.


Excavate the pathway site and prepare a foundation. Substitute coarse building sand for compactable gravel. Strike the sand to a consistent depth with a notched 2×4.

Level the stones by adding and removing sand until they are solidly seated. On flat runs, you should be able to rest a flat 2 x 4 on three stones at once, making solid contact with each. It is much easier to pack sand under stones if you moisten the sand first. Also moisten the sand bed to prevent sand from drifting.


Updated: 17.05.2013 — 04:51

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