Repair & Maintenance

Oncrete, brick, and stucco are among the world’s

Most durable and low-maintenance building materials, but they may need occasional upkeep and repairs to look and perform their best. Because masonry is very rigid (and sometimes because neighboring elements like wood and soil are not), cracking is one of the most common forms of damage. However, unless there’s a problem with the underlying soil or gravel base, most cracks have little or no effect on the slab’s performance, and repairs are often long-lasting.

In this chapter:

■  Repairing Concrete

■  Patcing Cracks

■  Quick Fixes for Wet Walls

■  Renewing an Old Concrete Slab

■  Repairing Steps

■  Miscellaneous Concrete Repairs

■  Brick Repairs

■  Repairing & Replacing Chimney Caps

■  Repairing Stonework

■  Repairing Stucco

■  Pressure-washing Masonry

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