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Arge and small holes are treated differently when repairing concrete. The best product for filling in smaller holes (less than one half inch deep) is vinyl-reinforced concrete patcher. Reinforced repair products should be applied only in layers that are one quarter inch thick or less. For deeper holes, use sand — mix concrete with an acrylic fortifier, which can be applied in layers up to two inches thick.

Patches in concrete will be more effective if you create clean, backward-angled cuts around the damaged area, to create a stronger bond. For extensive cutting of damaged concrete, it’s best to score the concrete first with a circular saw equipped with a masonry blade. Use a chisel and maul to complete the job.

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Use fast-set repair mortar or quick-setting cement with acrylic fortifier for repairing holes and chip-outs in vertical surfaces. Because they set up in just a few minutes, these products can be shaped to fill holes without the need for forms.

Vegetable oil or commercial release agent Hydraulic cement Bonding agent Vinyl-reinforced patching compound Sand — mix concrete Concrete fortifier Plastic sheeting Eye protection and work gloves

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